Professional associations

Swiss society of engineers and architects (SIA)

Swiss society of engineers and architects (SIA) - Section Ticino

Order of ticinese engineers and architects (OTIA)

Swiss acoustical society (SGA)

Spanish acoustical society (SEA)

Association of cantonal responsibles for noise prevention (Cercle Bruit)

Italian acoustical society (AIA)

Swiss association of road and transports professionals (VSS)

Swiss Association of engineers and traffic experts (SVI)

Italian association for traffic and transports engineering (AIIT)

Swiss tunnelling society (STS)

Swiss water association (VSA)

Swiss association for standardization (SNV)

Bicycle conference Switzerland (VKS)

National list of technicians competent in acoustics (ENTECA)

Association of expert promoters in cycling mobility (EPMC)

Mobility management Switzerland (MMS)

Public institutions

Federal roads office (FEDRO)

Federal office of transport (FOT)

Federal office for spatial development (ARE)

Federal office for the environment (FOEN)

Swiss federal office of energy (SFOE)

Canton of Ticino (TI)

Canton of Graub√ľnden (GR)

Regio Insubrica community work

Universities and research centres

Swiss federal institute of technology, Zurich (ETHZ)

Swiss federal institute of technology, Lausanne (EPFL)

Swiss federal laboratories for material science and technology (EMPA)

University of Lausanne (UNIL)

University of applied sciences and arts of southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi)

Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo)

University of Verona (UniVr)

University of Pavia (UniPv)

University of Ljubljana (UL)

University of Valladolid (UVa)

Politehnica University of Bucharest

University of Zagreb

Associations of stakeholders

Pro Velo Switzerland

Pro Velo Ticino

Italian federation of bicycle's friends (FIAB)