The collection of accurate information on mobility is an essential and often overlooked step of traffic planning and technique. However, it is a necessary task both to well define actual issues and to develop hypotheses of prediction about possible future problems with the required reliability.

Bonalumi Ferrari Partner SA Studio d'ingegneria organises, with the aid of suitable tools as well, the following activities:

- automatic traffic counts on road sections;

- single measurements of vehicular traffic on streets and intersections (turning movements);

- counts about public transportation users (train, bus, etc.);

- verifies of parking areas users and collections of information on their use (vehicular rotations, average parking duration, level of occupation, etc.);

- Specific traffic counts for non-motorized traffic;

- origin / destination surveys, which may relate to the individual motorized transport, public transport and non-motorized traffic;

- processing of the collected data and implementation of statistical analysis.

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